General: Kalamshan is a city set into the walls of a crater 2 miles in diameter x 1 mile deep and is the largest city in the world. The crater is full of the only surface water on the planet.

The crater is a perfect cylinder in the ground. It was obviously created by extremely powerful magic. Based on discoveries of written records and ruins it is know that a huge city used to sit where the crater is but was sunk at the time the crater was formed. The only piece left above water of this ancient city is the palace which is now the seat of government for Kalamshan.

The rest of the city is built entirely into the walls and houses approximately 1,500,000 people.

Government: Kalamshan is a single-member district system. The city is broken down into 30 districts which each get a single representative in the city congress. The congress is presided over by a single official who holds this position for 5 years and then can never again hold any public office. This person is chosen by the members of congress and usually the most senior congressperson is appointed to this position.

Each district maintains a smaller version of this exact system (although only split into 15 blocks). In an effort to curb corruption a law was recently passed stating that in order to be elected to the city-wide congress one must have been out of the district congress for at least 3 years.

Shot of the Kalamshan crater from above (artist intentionally did not include the city to show what it would have looked like before the city ever existed)
Kalamshan Crater
Artist rendering of Kalamshan before being sunk (It was already in a little bit of a crater)
Kalamshan Before


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