Gangs of Kalamshan

There are four gangs worth noting in the City of Kalamshan:

The Commission: The most powerful gang in the city. Very similar to the Cosa Nostra of Sicily. They are extremely organized with a very well established rank and structure.

Toa Kai: This gang was recently replaced by The Commission as the most powerful in the city. They still wield extreme amounts of power and sway. Its members are almost exclusively Dragonborn. Very similar in structure to the Yakuza.

The Five Points Gang: This gang used to be fairly powerful but after a series of crackdowns robbed them of most of their leadership they became disorganized and lost a large percentage of their members to the rival gangs. Recently they have taken up random acts of street violence in an attempt to reacquire some of their “street cred.” (Credit for the name: Five Points Gang)

Scorn’s Children: A recent up-and-comer in inter-gang politics. Very similar in structure to many of the American biker gangs.

Gangs of Kalamshan

Gangs of Kalamshan anonymous6237