The Ghost of Kalamshan

If you saw him again you might recognise him, problem is, he is rarely seen twice.


AC:26, 32vs. A-Ops Fort: 20 Ref: 26 Will: 23 Hp: 84 Speed: 6 squares Initiative: +14 Str: 17 Con: 17 Dex: 22 Int: 18 Wis: 18 Cha: 22


6’6” 165lbs, kinda gangly, but seems very coordinated instead of the usual clumsiness of such builds.

Pretty much average in every way. Except being drow, people tend to not forget that one. Very baseline outer clothing, everything looks very cheap and worn down. The worn down part is true, it has all seen years of hard use. But the cheap part is far from the truth, most of what he wears could be sold for people with a good bit of change left.

He lives for three things: himself, and gold, and….....himself.

He does what he wants wherever and whenever the mood strikes him. He will do what he is paid for unless he gets paid more not to. He guarantees only one thing: you get what you pay for.

He has a set of business guidelines instead of morals.

1.) It is in his best interest to get money to live by.

2.) How he gets the money doesn’t really matter.

3.) Since he is best at illegal actions best to be good at it, because you cant get paid in jail.

4.) Keep your word until your paid better not to.

5.) Never turn on the highest bidder, and end those who turn on you.

The Ghost of Kalamshan

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